Born to Run – Counterview and Middle Ground

“There are very few things that are known with absolute certainty, and when you’re dealing with incredibly complex human physiology, the individual differences that make us who we are, what we’re good at, how we run and what we eat, for example, are so vast and complex that nothing can be polarized without being wrong!”Continue reading “Born to Run – Counterview and Middle Ground”

Born to Run – A ‘Delayed’ Review

“How come my foot hurts?” A question that led Christopher McDougall to a life changing exploration that was later documented in the all-time classic book ‘Born to Run’. A foreign correspondent by training, Chris covered wars in Rwanda and Angola, and was also an amateur or recreational runner. When his foot hurt, he was eitherContinue reading “Born to Run – A ‘Delayed’ Review”

Rethinking Running Events – Part 3 – Virtual Events

One alternative to running events that has become popular in recent times has been the Virtual Events, where participants run on their own and connect with each other through a platform – an app or a website. Though there are no clear definition of what can be called as virtual event, I would keep theContinue reading “Rethinking Running Events – Part 3 – Virtual Events”

Rethinking Running Events – Part 2

Katherine Switzer, the first women finisher of Boston Marathon, once said, “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.” These are strange times when we are not only losing faith in human nature but also, marathons. Among the major events, it started with the cancellation of mass start inContinue reading “Rethinking Running Events – Part 2”

Rethinking Running Events

Disclaimer: The views below does not reflect those of the events or their organisers that I have been associated with or likely to be involved in future. The views conveyed below are in no way sacrosanct and is amenable for suggestions from others. Among the various disruptions due to COVID-19, includes Running events which carry Continue reading “Rethinking Running Events”

Tour of Tamil Nadu – 2019

During the first Tour of Tamil Nadu in 2010, I offered myself to be a blogger but never fulfilled that promise. Most of my writings remained in draft mode and on many days, I did not write anything other than the title. I redeemed some of the promise when I wrote this piece for TheContinue reading “Tour of Tamil Nadu – 2019”