Rethinking Running Events

Disclaimer: The views below does not reflect those of the events or their organisers that I have been associated with or likely to be involved in future. The views conveyed below are in no way sacrosanct and is amenable for suggestions from others. Among the various disruptions due to COVID-19, includes Running events which carry Continue reading “Rethinking Running Events”

Humans of Marathon – Latha Srinivasan

Sometime after the age of fifty, there comes a moment called as retirement which brings curtains down on most lives. On many occasions, not doing anything is most sought out. There are a few who go on to defy the convention and lead the way for the rest.  By the age of fifty-eight, Latha SrinivasanContinue reading “Humans of Marathon – Latha Srinivasan”

Being the Berlin Legend

A marathon in a city like Berlin cannot be anything but “legendary” – Yes, that’s the theme of the event and the organisers did some brilliant promotions to reinforce. Check this promotional video, The event holds a special place among runners for being the ‘fastest course.’ Suresh Seshadri, a participant in this year’s edition, wrote anContinue reading “Being the Berlin Legend”

Coimbatore Randonneurs

Talk about France and cycling, the first thoughts that comes to one’s mind is the prestigious Tour de France. Equally popular though is the Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) Randonneur event, which unlike the Tour de France, is open to amateurs across the world. Started in 1891, older than Tour de France, the next edition of the quadrennial event isContinue reading “Coimbatore Randonneurs”