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On January 29, 2017, I take up my next big challenge in long distance running – Running 70K in the Queen of the Hills, Ooty as a part of The Nilgiris Ultra, and this time, it is with a difference. I would like to use this opportunity to raise funds for Thulir – A Centre for Learning, with whom I have been associated for over 7 years now in different capacities.

You give but little when you give of your possessions.It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. – Kahlil Gibran, Prophet

There are many reasons for one to take up running and running for a cause surely transcends all. Once you choose to run for a cause, it is no more about your personal glory or timing or competition, it is the cause that motivates you to see the finish. My good friend and Team Asha Runner, Ashwin Prabhu writes in The Hindu during the run up to 2014 Chennai Marathon,

Research has shown that when a person is willing to challenge his own boundaries and push himself over and beyond a perceived physical capability threshold, all for a cause he believes in, society at large opens both its wallet and heart. Every one of us can find a way to run and support a worthy cause. Crossing the finish line knowing that you have done something to benefit someone in need, while at the same time achieving a personal milestone, makes distance running a uniquely gratifying experience.

My own initiation into running for a cause started with my acquaintance with ASHA for Education in 2008. It brought me closer to friends who were deeply involved in running as well as education for underprivileged. One such lasting relationship was with Thulir at Sittlingi Village.

Thulir – A Centre for Learning at Sittlingi Village

Thulir was started in 2004 as an Education Resource Center for children and young adults at Sittilingi, a tribal village in Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu. Over the years, it has offered multiple programs for ever changing educational needs of the people living in the village. It was initially established as a centre for alternative education for school drop-outs and after-school program for regular school going children. In the last 12  years Thulir has catered to the educational needs of around 500 adivasi children and around 75 adolescents.
Over the years, the need of the community has moved towards a formal school set-up, in line with the prevailing education systems elsewhere. Given Thulir’s good track record and the lack of other good quality education systems in the valley, the community had requested Thulir to help start a school. Presently, there are about 35 children in the age group of 3-6 studying in Thulir. To be established as a formal school, it needs a full fledged building which is presently being constructed.

To know more about Thulir, do visit their website, or find their regular updates through their blog –

ASHA and Thulir

ASHA is a completely volunteer driven group where individuals put in time (without compensation) to support initiatives that help the underprivileged, with primary  focus on education, though are not limited to it. Asha ensures that 100% of donations go to support projects. It is a completely decentralised organisation and major decisions are taken at the chapter lever, with guidelines framed at central level. I have been associated with the Bangalore Chapter for over 7 years now. Currently, we support 6 Projects in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Running marathons and fund-raising through marathon have been a routine feature among our volunteers, in USA as well as India.

Apart from raising and disbursing funds, we also monitor the activities funded by us. Each of the projects have a ‘Steward,’ who voluntarily spends time with the projects and reports regularly on the activities of the Project. I am currently holding the Stewardship for Thulir and take the responsibility for the disbursal and utilisation of funds. My interaction (as well as the previous stewards) with the project, the annual disbursement of grants and the utilisation reports can be found here –

Current Requirement

Thulir is currently in the process of transforming itself into a full fledged regular school. A new campus is being developed in accordance with the regulations laid down by the Tamil Nadu Government. The first phase of the project needs to be completed before June 2017 to help the school obtain recognition from the Government. For more details, please check the report here.

How to donate?

Outside India:

If you are living and earning outside India, I would recommend using our online payment gateway for donation using an International Credit Card –,204,926,1109,1200

These donations are tax-deductable in the US under 501(c). You will receive an e-receipt of your donation immediately after the transaction. A printout of the e-receipt is sufficient for tax purposes.
While donating through the portal, please ensure that you select ‘Thulir School’  for “Use my donation for:’ and ‘Bangalore’ under ‘My donation is for.’ Also mention under comment “Runner – Balaji”


Within India:
If you are living and earning in India, you can donate either through NEFT or send in your cheques. These donations are tax-deductible in India under Sec. 80(g) of the Income Tax Act.

Donations through NEFT:
Please fill out this form to receive instructions for the same –

Donations through Cheque:

Make your personal cheque payable to Asha and send it my address.

S. Balaji,
2D, Madhura Manor,
Perks Arch Road,
Rajiv Gandhi Nagar,
Coimbatore – 641015
Tamil Nadu

Do visit the project page for regular updates on the project.

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